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Our Team

Domenic Pulitano Managing Director

A first generation immigrant Domenic Pulitano began in the trade and immigrated to Australia in the early sixties. After working in a variety of trades under larger construction groups he gained qualification as a domestic builder and incorporated the business he operates today. Qualified in both  Domestic and Commercial Construction, Domenic is the patriarchal head of a family business that is focused on delivery, communication and relationship with its clients.

Daniel Pulitano Contracts & Financial Operations Manager

Bringing a strong financial experience to the back room of the group is Daniel Pulitano. Having come from private practice and possessing a Bachelor of Economics Daniel adds his knowledge of financial facilities and analysis to give the group a strong financial base. Building on the development successes Domenic created during the eighties and nineties Daniel has been able to expand the group into areas that have added functionality and efficiency as well as ensuring compliance with the changing landscape of construction is absorbed and adhered to. Daniel Pulitano manages contract administration further enhancing the groups capabilities for the client side.

Vince Pulitano Construction Manager

Formally qualified in Construction Management, Vince Pulitano  joined the company in the late nineties. Bringing a cache of 'hands on' experience Vince has been able to seamlessly take on the role as construction manager and effectively and efficiently deliver projects.  Maintaining a Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety he is also nominated as the groups OH & S representative.

Maurice Chiarilli Operations Manager

Spearheading the direction of operations, Maurice Chiarilli also consults and liaises with our large supplier and contractor base. Acting as the central point of contact for most of the costing and tender based areas of the group Maurice  effectively manages and nurtures the client/contractor relationship. The Pulitano Group's core belief is that by centralising project costing each project can draw from better efficiency, tighter quality control and a more streamlined delivery of goods and services to site.

Andrew Evans Project Manager

Coming from a strong trade background Andrew Evans joined the group in the late nineties to ensure efficient and reliable Project Management. His capabilities range from small to large projects and has had lengthy experience working with large operational sites with multiple compliance and OH & S facets.

Ivan Gazic Project Manager

A member of the group since early 2000 as a contractor Ivan Gazic joined the team as a Project Manager in 2009 after having since developed significant experience in contractor management. Ivan is a well liked member of the team and has had an impeccable record with project completion and quality control.

Vince Picerni Project Manager

Another family member associated with the group Vince Picerni comes from a trade background and has been with the company since early 2000. Bringing with him a wealth of experience in different types of construction, Vince has proven himself an extremely reliable and efficient project manager.

Mark Ravenscroft Project Manager

With a strong background in multi residential and medium density projects Mark joined the group in 2014. His knowledge of construction methods and management skills have developed over many years in the construction industry.

Aleksander Tresa Project Manager

With years of experience in the building industry, Aleksander commenced with D & A Pulitano Constructions in 2013. Solid knowledge in all areas of the build, Aleksander has excellent management skills and coupled with technical knowledge has the capability to ensure while Project managing a site milestones and budgets are delivered.